You can see some of the tricks that we’ve trained Caesar to do at his youtube channel link above at “DogtorCaesar”.

My favourites are Lord of the Rings, Caesar’s Antics and Caesar Gets Busted. Hope you enjoy them — more to come soon of course! This is a good place to see some of the wonderful ways you can train these intelligent dogs!

Enjoy the tricks — I will discuss more about my ideas with Caesar in future posts.

“My most satisfying aspect of animal training is a very simple moment. After a show when I leave the stage door… and there is a crowd gathered, sometimes I hear someone say the following and it makes it all worthwhile. “How did they make that dog do that?” I smile because I am the only “they” and I do it with love.” — from William Berloni, dog trainer, about transforming a severely abused dog from the pound into Sandy in the Broadway production of Annie.

Dr. Menen


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