I hate hats but wear them for Mom and Dad...

I hate hats but wear them for Mom and Dad…

I think that many people wonder why Caesar has become my “baby” — although he’s a full adult dog at 3.5 years old right now.  I also think that many think since I don’t have a human child, Caesar has filled my life with this role.  But I wanted to share how I think about my relationship with this wonderful part of our family:

When I think of Caesar, I think of a little baby puppy being taken away from his mother and siblings at the fragile age of only eight weeks without his consent or even full-knowledge of the fact that he will likely never see his birth family again.  He came into our loving home and accepted us fully, finds joys in our joys, shares our sorrows and brings us constant love and affection.  When we are not with him through long days (whether due to work or otherwise), I think of those two sweet eyes whose only source of regular companionship and love comes from us.  Up until recently I believed that he slept through the day but thanks to a webcam that my husband set up for us to watch Caesar live if we should feel the need to check in on him, I have discovered that he is awake for much of the day (at this time).  He barks at neighbours/dogs/cars that pass by our front window and he gets through all of the kongs/treats that I have placed around our main floor of our house.  And then he waits.  And waits.  One could say he’s content with a full tummy and cozy home — and he is.  But there’s a qualitatively different contentment I see even in his eyes when we’re together.

So there you have it — we’ve taken this dog away from everything that would be most comforting and natural for him, created a world for him that is filled with rules that we set, and we get the very best energy from him through (in spite of?) all of this.  Do I baby this dog?  You bet I do.  I have taken on the responsibility to care for this lovely family member and I want to make sure he never forgets how grateful I am that he is part of our family.

I think he feels pretty special too — hope you give your all to the relationship you have created with your dogs 🙂

“Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them, filling an emptiness we don’t even know we have” — Thorn Jones

Dr. Menen

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