Cautious at first, Caesar now loves agility equipment!

Many people ask me how much time I take to train Caesar.  Well, it’s small amounts of time (5-15 minutes) per DAY.  Yup, I don’t think that dogs enjoy learning new tricks or tasks over long periods of time at once, but they do respond well to a regular frequency of training time.  Since Caesar is very food-motivated, he looks forward to this time because of the reward he knows is attached to training, but he can still get frustrated if we train for longer periods of time or if he knows he’s somehow not understanding the task at hand.  Always remember to end any training sessions with something your dog finds easy (may have learned earlier) so that your training session “ends on a high note”.  You want your dog to look forward to this time so that it’s a pleasure for both you and your dog.  I like to look at dog-training books and videos to get ideas for tricks/tasks that I would like to teach Caesar.  I will also add some personal training videos here soon.  For now, start with simple commands — the basics like sit, down, stay are the best to start with.  Then progress to things like catch, roll-over, play dead, etc.  Again, remember to end your training sessions with a successful and positive conclusion.  If your dog is having a lot of difficulty with a new command, go back to something familiar so that your dog feels proud of his/her accomplishment, then re-introduce the new command with enthusiasm and encouragement.  Your dog will always pick up on your own energy so do not train when you are tired, frustrated or ill-tempered.  When the energy around your dog is calm, loving and positive, you will achieve the best results from your dog.  Happy training everyone — again, I will post some training videos soon.  For now, here are some links to some of Caesar’s best trick videos:

Fun Tricks Video

Sneaky Caesar

Caesar Gets “Shot” and Plays Dead

Playing Basketball

Playing With Rings and Colours

Lots of Tricks

Some New Moves

You know that even the simple commands that you have taught your dog are huge accomplishments for both of you.  Don’t forget to praise your dog for these accomplishments regularly, and know that you have achieved something wonderful together!! 🙂

Remember: “Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures.”– H. Jackson Brown

More to come soon,

Dr. Menen

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